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Prophecy BMX Scud 24" frame : So what's new on this frame?

Basically we are using the same process of fabrication than the 20" with even more new carbon 3K layers and new paint design. The dropouts are 100% full carbon with an outside steel part to make it stiff and strong when assembling the rear wheel. Weight of the 24" frame is 2,98 lbs (47,62oz, +/-10%).

Carbon frame sizes of pure technology!

Prophecy BMX carbon frames are the lightest & fastest BMX design ever offered.
The carbon Prophecy BMX frame efficiently transfers the rider's energy to the ground with at the same time a better comfort compared to any other alloy or steel frames.
You will get as well a greater power transfer for faster gate starts and more-precise handling when jumping, turning...
The Prophecy BMX carbon frame will keep this efficiency during all its life when a 3,96 lbs (63,36oz) and lighter alloy frame will be efficient few months only.

Our carbon frame technology:

"Monocoque" frame: We are still using the same technology with a one piece front triangle that we call "Monocoque". Both chain stays and seat stays are as well in one piece in order to increase the rigidity.

Hand made: The Prophecy BMX racing frame is 100% hand made. All carbon layers are placed one by one accordingly a placement chart defined in advance by our engineers and exclusive to our product to give to the rider the right stiffness, resistance and comfort with an incredible weight!

Quality control: Many quality controls are done at each stage of the fabrication process to control the weight and avoid mistakes.

All frame sizes are as well previously tested beside human rider test inside our laboratory's machines:

  • BB pedal fatigue test during 100000 cycles with 1200 Newton
  • Head tube horizontal force test during 50000 cycle with 1200N
  • Vibration test during 30000 cycles with 54kg on seat tube, 42kg on BB, and 20kg on head tube.
  • Vertical fatigue test during 50000 cycles at 1200N

Carbon used: Many kinds of carbon fibers in the market could be used to make a carbon bmx frame, and all fibers get different properties and qualities. Prophecy BMX's engineers use TR50 carbon fiber, which is the one who gets the highest strength properties compare to all other standard ones. This guarantees perfect product strength especially with our special Epoxy Resin used from Korea that we have selected. The choice of the Epoxy is very important as well because it makes the stability of the product, increase stiffness and strength in different areas of the frames in order to improve impact resistance, especially near the BB and head tube. And to maximize 100% the efficiency of our carbon fiber and Epoxy resin , we have developed a frame in 3D ergonomic designed to give to the riders not only stiffness and light weight but as well more comfort to help the rider to transfer all his power and energy to the ground.


Headset semi integrated 1-1/8"

Seat post diameter: 27,2mm

Our new Prophecy 24" carbon fork :

Named "4RK" with 1-1/8" CrMo steerer with the same color artwork design than the frame. Weight: 730gr (1,60lbs or 25,70oz). This new carbon fork gets the characteristic to have an oversize crown diameter of 50mm, bigger and so a lot stiffer than all the other current forks on the market. In additional of this technical advantage, the cutting edge aesthetic design of our new Prophecy fork, introduce for the first time in the market a fork with a perfect connection between the frame and the head tube. This is the ideal fork for your carbon Scud 24" Cruiser.


CrMo 1-1/8" steerer 180mm length


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